Laptop Repair

ALL4Comp has created a service that will be able to remove EVERY fault. Our main goal is to provide high quality services and full professionalism. Thanks to many years of experience, we are able to repair any laptop regardless of brand and fault. The effectiveness of repairs in our website reaches 98%.



The most common symptoms of laptop failure:

  1. Laptop boots up but does not display the image
  2. Laptop starts up, but there are distortions of the image, stripes, “bushes”, artifacts, bright picture, dots
  3. Laptop does not start
  4. Laptop overheats and turns off
  5. Laptop turns on, after a while it resets and restarts
  6. Laptop turns on but there is no battery charging
  7. Laptop only publishes sounds, beeps / no picture
  8. Laptop works very slowly
  9. No sound in the laptop
  10. WiFi or LAN network connection is not working
  11. USB, HDMI, headphones, microphone, card reader, power socket not working
  12. DVD or DVD-RW optical drive does not work
  13. Keyboard does not work
  14. Laptop has stopped working after flooding
  15. Touchpad or buttons do not work
  16.  Operating system does not start
  17. Laptop can not see the HDD
  18.  So-called bluescreen
  19. Damaged hinges, housing
  20. And many more …

If any of the above-mentioned defects occur on your laptop, we will perform the repair service with the utmost care and attention to your equipment as soon as possible.

Unable to work? Your computer freezes?

We’ll help you get back to work. Fast and Qualitatively.